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Farida Khattak, DDS

With an excellent background in dentistry, Dr. Farida Khattak wants to exercise her skills for a valuable cause. Dentistry being a challenge and a passion, she aspires to achieve perfection in any given endeavor in the field of dentistry, thereby serving her passion as well as her patients

Dr. Khattak first graduated from back home in 1998. Dr. Khattak spent time abroad in Dubai, and other Middle Eastern countries. She enrolled and attended the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, graduating in 2008. Clinical precision was her greatest asset, and on several occasions she was awarded for her clinical procedures. Having this brilliant record she was acknowledged in the good books of fellow students and doctors both in United States and back home.

While in Denver, Colorado she developed a love for skiing. Dr. Khattak has been married for over 10 years and has two fantastic girls, both in elementary school. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Khattak moved to the Northern Virginia area to be closer to her parents. When she is not running after her daughters, she enjoys hiking, skiing, cooking and traveling.

Dental problems account for those discomforts that can  afflict anyone at anytime and any age. Dr. Khattak being an ardent dentist aspires to provide an instant cure to such painful and intolerable complaints. She believes and always educate her patients on prevention. She takes time to explain why and how problems happen, what should be done to stop what is causing them.

Dr Khattak with her excelling skills in dentistry wants to help her patients with utmost care by providing her sincere services. In particular, children take instant liking to Dr. Khattak. Being the mother of two little girls, she can empathize with the phobia that kids usually associate with the dentist’s office. She helps children overcome their fear by her friendly disposition.

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Farida Khattak, DDS
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Falls Church Dentist, Dr. Farida Khattak is dedicated to family dentistry such as Exams, Teeth Whitening, Veneers and more. We are looking forward to your visit to our Falls Church, Virginia dental office.

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