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I humbly want to express my gratitude and appreciation for my experience for routine dental visit at this location with doctor umama sayed who did an excellent and through cleaning of my teeth.

She made sure and followed the procedures and process step by step for the cleaning.
I would sincerely recommend any for their.complete family dentistry needs .

Dr. Umama sated is a great asset to the team of family dentistry.

All our family been goi g their since more than 7 years , my kids are very happy to go their for their dental routine cleaning g every year.

When you find the right professional for your needs one should never change regardless of extra miles, like a lawyer, physician. Motor mechanic and mentor for your education .

“ Leaders are born , Not made., “

Thank you ,
Profound regards
Kaisar Chaudhry

Qaisar Chaudhry

The castmer service was excellent. and Dr Farida she is so nice and I like her job. I recommend people to visit Dynamic Family Dentristy:

soso Abobakar

She was awesome! Until moving to Arlington, I had only been to one dentist my entire life. When I moved and got new insurance, I had to find a new dentist in the area and reading the reviews for most dentists were horrifying. People had awful experiences and I was super nervous. I found Dr. Khattak and she had no bad reviews, so I booked my appointment. I'm so glad that I found her! She was so nice and comforting and did a fantastic job. I felt very at ease when I met her and all of her staff. It what could have been an awful experience AMAZING and I couldn't have been happier with the turnout. I will be recommending her to anyone else looking for dentists. She even has a TV above each dentists chair! The place was super clean and nice and was an overall great experience (especially for a dentist!).

Johnna Pleban

As always we are so proud to have such a wonderful team of professional dentists around. Dr. Farida Khattak is a real legendary professional dentist like a family member. She did an implant for me too and I am very impressed, satisfied with her work and service. Good job, keep it up!

Hamid J.

I've been visiting Dr. Farida for years now. I've never had a bad experience. She takes the time to make sure you are comfortable. And her staff is always friendly not to mention the ease of booking appointments. Highly recommend her!

Zahraa Ashraf

A friend recommend Dr. Khattak several years ago. I've been visiting Dr. Khattak since then. My family has joined me as well. I also recommended her to some friends and colleagues. Dr. Khattak is so professional and friendly. Also her staff are welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Khattak.

Ahmed Khalouki

Dr.Farida has such a huge heart! She is very gentle and does a great job. I highly recommend to anyone

Milagro Tippins

Dr. Farida She is great and she try to do the best to help all .. and also she has a great staff thanks all..

أعظمية Al-Adhamiyah مدينتي

I have very good experience with this dentist

Carol Rivers

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